The Ignoramus Writes

After weeks of contemplation,  I have finally mustered enough courage to create another blog.


My first blog on WordPress, themathteacheralsoreads,  failed to function based on what I originally created it for – to be a blog about my book reviews. Instead, it became a container of my rants and random thoughts about the most mundane of things – the work I do, the people I meet, the movies I have seen, and even my longing for a lost love. Simply put, it became a “chop-suey” blog as a blogger friend aptly calls it.

There was one good thing that came out of it however. It was also through this blog that I recently discovered a love for poetry and for writing compositions.

And this had become my main motivation for starting The Learned Ignoramus.

I am crossing my fingers that The Learned Ignoramus would be a threshold as I enter this new world of “serious writing” so to speak.


I am not an experienced writer nor have I formal training in it whatsoever.

Nonetheless, I will write.

Because I want to write.



8 thoughts on “The Ignoramus Writes”

  1. […] Kung may oras kayo mga kapatid sa pananampalataya ay maari ninyong bisitahin ang isa ko pang blog ang The Learned Ignoramus na aking blog sa pagtula-tula ta pagsulat-sulat. Medyo seryoso lang tayo ng konti don mga brader. Ngapala wala pa talagang bagong mga nakasulat dun, kinompayl ko muna yung ibang mga tulang nai-publish ko dito sa themathteacheralsoreads. Ang bago lang don yung pinaka-unang post yung The Ignoramus Writes . […]

  2. Hello Learned Ignoramus!

    Thanks for following my blog…

    I think you will appreciate my flair for poems…

    Its just that I write with emotions,

    Sometimes the poems are inked with tears,

    Sometimes, inked with joy…

    Nevertheless, I enjoy spontaneous spills of poetic thoughts…

    Thanks and will be happy to drop by from time to time…:)

    1. Thank you very much for dropping by Ms. Chilledhoney! I really appreciate it.

      Thank you for your very encouraging words as well. I’m technically a newbie in formal writing (both prose and poetry) so I would definitely need all the help I can get, such as inspiration coming from other excellent bloggers like you.

      Thank you very much and I’m crossing my fingers you’ll find something here that you would also enjoy.:)

      1. Wow, “excellent” is such a sweet sweet word coming from an equally excellent blogger like u…

        I have read some of your work as themathteacherreads… u got some interesting entries there…

        You write very well… as it is, right now…

  3. I think that adjective suits you perfectly.
    Good to know you used to visit my other blog too.
    Now that’s flattering.
    Specially to have heard it from somebody as good as you.
    Thank you.

    1. “I think that adjective suits you perfectly.”

      Thank you so much, that’s also flattering…

      I have linked your sites in one of my recent posts… (actually a reply to you also)


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